Collection and Archive


Compiling an inventory to register and digitally record the collection of artefacts is the aim of the Collection and Archive Group at the Winsen Open-Air Museum. This important task is currently carried out by volunteers. The team has bonded well through the interesting tasks, the pleasure of working together in a group and the consciousness that they are doing something useful and usable as a legacy.

Creating the inventory means that objects which have been collected together over the years can be documented and digitally photographed. This has the advantage that the Museum knows what it owns, and can easily locate items to prepare for special exhibitions for example, and leave to future generations better information about the collection.

The group consists of two ladies and four gentlemen. Each has his or her special task. They all work together to produce a usable record for the Museum. Karin Koch and Petra Decker-Schimanski deal with the textiles and collection, Wolfgang Decker is responsible for the written materials, Heiner Schoenknecht documents the picture collection. Horst Erlemann logs the museum artefacts systematically and photographs them. Our computer expert is Michael Bastian. He links together all the data and photographs and files them securely. New to the team is Margrit von Hörsten. She ist responsible for the library.

They are all involved in the storage of the collection, the restoration of damaged items and the preservation of artefacts against damage or loss. The Collection and Archive Group is the most recently formed Work Group of the Winsen Museum Association having been formed from members of the project of the Celle area Museum Association which has worked alongside the Winsen Association for many years.