Open-air museum

Clustered round a two-post house dating back to 1653 you will find historical half-timbered buildings typical of the south Luneburg Heath: barns, animal stalls and storage lofts. They demonstrate farming life and industry as it was in earlier centuries. A bake house, reconstructed from original materials produces bread, sweet rolls and local butter cake twice a year. The museum shop and ticket office can be found in the former coach house where the Spinning and Weaving group also meets. Just in front of the entrance is a small garden with plants grown for use as dyes. In a nearby loft, also reconstructed from original materials, there is an exhibition tracing the work of the raft builders, an important sideline in days gone by for the inhabitants of Winsen, who bound together tree trunks into rafts and sailed them as far as Bremen. In this building the Museum Collection and Archives are also stored. Dat groode Hus (The Big House), a farmhouse dating from 1795, holds special exhibitions, concerts, lectures and a host of other cultural events. The Winsen Town Council meets here and this charming historic house is also used as a registry office for weddings. The Kalandstube Cafe and Restaurant, a building dating back to 1781, offers regional specialities.